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Bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture is a very important piece of equipment in every bathroom. Properly tailored allow not only to aesthetically arrange the interior but also to create a functional place to store cosmetics and bathroom accessories. Underwood offers a wide range of bespoke bathroom furniture. The most popular include:

  • under-sink cabinets,
  • washing machine and dryer furniture,
  • cabinets,
  • dressers,
  • bookcases,
  • and others.

All bathroom furniture is made from the appropriate quality materials. The materials used are distinguished not only by high quality and precision of workmanship but, above all, high resistance to harmful external factors. When choosing the right furniture for the bathroom, it should be remembered that there is high humidity in this type of room. The materials used should therefore be resistant to humidity but also to splashes.

Why should you choose custom bathroom furniture?

Customized bathroom furniture allow maximum use of space and cover unsightly-looking elements of plumbing. When planning the purchase of bathroom furniture, it is worth remembering that these rooms are usually not large. Only appropriate arrangement allows you to gain space for placing a wardrobe or a bookcase. In case of particularly small interiors, it is worth considering fitting a washing machine or a washer-drier. Hiding home appliances inside the wardrobe allows to obtain an elegant space, and at the same time to gain additional shelves for storing bathroom accessories or cleaning products in the upper part.

The advantage of choosing the bathroom furniture on dimension is also the possibility of full installation of water and sewage system elements. Appropriately designed cabinets under washbasins or wardrobes have a separate space for drainage. Only such constructions allow you to place them in the company of washbasins, and at the same time, gain space to store small cosmetics.

Tailor-made bathroom furniture is the perfect solution for people who value a perfectly equipped interior. If you are looking for modern or classic solutions matching the existing arrangement – contact us. The experienced and qualified staff of Underwood will not only help you design the interior and fit the appropriate types of cabinets but also properly select their size. Please note that the latter is particularly important in the case of small rooms – too much of the space will make it difficult to use it, and at the same time will make the whole thing non-functional. The right bathroom furniture must be practical and contain basic accessories, but it cannot be too much.