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    Are you looking for furniture that fits perfectly into your interior? At Underwood, we will create bespoke furniture to suit your needs – not just for your kitchen but also for many other rooms. We provide not only high-quality custom furniture but also full support in the design process. During a meeting with our specialists, we will get to know your ideas and expectations and indicate the functional solutions that allow you to create an interesting concept in terms of practicality and visually. We make every effort to ensure that the results of our work confirm the premium quality while providing comfortable use in any environment.

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    ul. Mrowińska 5,
    60-427 Poznań

    Anna Szymczak

    Anna Szymczak

    Realizacja Zamówień/Projekty
    tel. 514506289
    Dominik Szymczak

    Dominik Szymczak

    Technolog/Kierownik produkcji
    tel. 514506260
    Sławek Rozmarynowski

    Sławek Rozmarynowski

    tel. 514506287