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What kind of furniture do we produce?

Underwood furniture manufacturer offers various types of furniture. At the request of our clients, we manufacture:


kitchen furniture

Meble biurowe, lady recepcyjne

office furniture, reception counters

zdj 3

furniture for public facilities

Szafy wnękowe i wolnostojące

fitted and free standing wardrobes,


kitchen countertops

Meble wolnostojące, regały, komody, biblioteczki

standalone furniture


wall panels

Meble do sypialni

bedroom furniture


wardrobe furniture

Meble łazienkowe

bathroom furniture


wicket and sliding doors

Inne meble pod zamówienie klienta

other bespoke furniture


Bespoke furniture - what Underwood offers


Underwood Meble Sp. z o.o. as a manufacturer of customized furniture, deals with complex construction of furniture for various types of rooms, tailored to individual customer needs and requirements. We specialize in the production of unique, elegant, yet functional furniture for both individual and institutional clients. We carry out projects in various styles - from modern, through classic and more unique - industrial, Scandinavian and many others. We are open to the ideas of our customers - experienced and qualified specialists of the company together with the customer create projects tailored to the interior and customer's guidelines.

[ Services ]

What makes us different?

Underwood Meble Sp. z o.o. provides comprehensive services. Customers who decide to take advantage of our offer can expect full support both at the custom furniture design stage and a comprehensive execution and mounting. The design process is carried out with the support of experienced and qualified professionals, who are distinguished by their unconventional approach. For the production of custom furniture, we use various types of top quality materials and systems. All of them come from proven and reputable suppliers, thanks to which our furniture is distinguished not only by the exceptional quality and durability, but also by the functionality. All this allows us to offer customers full comfort and satisfaction with the daily use of the furniture interior.

We are perfectly aware of the fact that functional furnishing of various types of interiors has an impact on their subsequent comfortable use. That is why our offer includes such a wide range of custom furniture. In order to provide our customers with comprehensive support in furnishing interiors of houses, flats, but also offices or public utility rooms, we offer the possibility of creating various types of fixed joinery and other constructions, which allow to achieve not only an elegant and aesthetic interior, but above all, a functional space, where staying is a pleasure.

Would you like to know more about our offer? Check individual tabs and learn more about the offered custom furniture.


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