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Fitted and standalone wardrobes

Fitted and standalone wardrobes are perfect not only for homes and flats but also for all kinds of offices, public spaces and all other premises. However, they are most popular in houses and flats. They are perfect for bedrooms, hallways, dressing rooms, attics or even garages. Properly designed, they can accommodate various types of clothes and clothing and many other items. This type of custom furniture can be found in almost every modern home. Thanks to the possibility of adjusting them to the room, with their help, you can use every, even the smallest corner. A properly designed wardrobe also allows you to build recesses under the bevels and thus create a functional place for storage.

What makes our offer different?

We produce fitted and standalone wardrobes each time on customer’s order. Thanks to this, they can freely choose the size of the wardrobe to their requirements and the possibilities of the interior. What is more important – they can freely adjust the inside. This means that the client himself decides what elements the interior should consist of – shelves, drawers, baskets, clothes bars and many others. The customer may also decide which doors will be the ideal choice – the offer includes both sliding doors and traditional ones.

For the production of fitted and standalone wardrobes, we use modern systems and technological solutions. This allows customers to create functional furniture from scratch and adjust it to their needs. At each stage of design, they can also count on the support of our experienced specialists. External help is often invaluable – they not only have a fresh perspective on the project but, above all, have a vast knowledge of available technological solutions. Thanks to that, they can suggest a number of systems which are worth using in the furniture, so that the furniture created was as functional as possible and still elegant and aesthetic. This is because fitted and standalone wardrobes should complement the interior design and not interfere with the actual style.

Are you looking for a manufacturer who can create a fitted or standalone wardrobe for you? Underwood would be pleased to do this for you. Contact us and find out more about the services we offer. We guarantee that with our help you will not only discover that furniture can be functional and elegant, but most of all you will appreciate the possibility of custom-made furniture!