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Office furniture and reception counters

Not only interior decoration of houses and flats is demanding. Proper planning of office space can be equally troublesome. Appropriate arrangement of buildings is important not only for the sake of employees. The right amount of cabinets, containers, or even properly designed desks make it easier to perform daily duties. However, it is worth remembering that the design and style of office furniture is also crucial. They allow creating a good first impression among visiting clients.

After crossing the office threshold, the first thing a customer comes across is the reception desk. It is often a showcase of the company, therefore, it is worth taking care that the reception counter placed there will long be remembered by the customer. Depending on the customer’s preferences, it can take a simple yet elegant and exclusive form, or an unusual design. For many clients we manufacture this type of furniture with the company’s logo on it – thanks to this the visitors to the reception desk identify it with the brand, and it stays in their memory for longer. However, when choosing the right counter for the reception desk, it is worth taking into account the specificity of the business. Not only is each interior different, but also each company requires a different type of contact with the customer. Other reception counters will work well in office buildings and others in companies providing different types of services.

Office furniture - why is it so important?

Underwood also offers the possibility of custom-made office furniture. We offer support in the design process, taking into account not only individual customer preferences but also the specificity of the business or room layout. When creating elegant buildings, we focus on diversity – we do not limit our ideas to common, repeatedly used solutions. We are happy to offer innovative solutions, which are distinguished not only by unique design but also by high quality, durability and functionality.

As part of our office furniture, we provide:

  • employee furniture,
  • office furniture,
  • furniture for reception desks and secretariats,
  • conference tables,
  • and many others.

Are you planning to furnish your office or want to enhance its functionality? Contact our company – we will be happy to suggest functional solutions and help you create an elegant yet timeless interior, where performing your duties will be a pleasure!