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Standalone furniture - perfect for every interior

Standalone furniture is the perfect complement to any type of interior. They will prove useful in both individual and commercial projects. With their help, you can functionally furnish the living room, bedroom, dressing room, children’s room, office, as well as many other rooms. As a part of standalone furniture, we produce, among others:

  • dressers,
  • sideboards,
  • wardrobes,
  • RTV cabinets,
  • bedside tables,
  • shoeboxes,
  • bookcases,
  • desks,
  • and much more.

Types, shapes and sizes of this type of standalone furniture are always individually tailored to customer needs and requirements. We take care not only to organize the appropriate amount of space to store clothes and various trinkets but also to adjust their type and quantity to the type of room. We provide assistance not only in the design of standalone furniture boxes but also in creating interior design.

Why choose standalone custom furniture?

By choosing standalone customized furniture, you choose solutions perfectly tailored to your needs. Designing chest furniture according to the needs of users, but also the conditions of the room allows you to increase the functionality of the interior. Many manufacturers offer a wide range of standalone furniture. However, ready-made, modular solutions are difficult to fit into existing interiors. With help come custom-made versions. What sets them apart is not only the possibility of adjusting their dimensions, systems and functionality, but also the design. Underwood offers a wide range of materials, so that the chosen standalone furniture can take on any design and color. Interestingly, custom-made furniture can be matched not only to small rooms. Yes – they allow maximum use of available space, but they work equally well in large interiors. Quite often, they can be found in homes with larger areas.

Are you planning to arrange a living room, bedroom, dressing room or maybe an office? Regardless of what room you want to equip, standalone custom-made furniture will be a great solution. You will match it not only to the size of the room and your needs, but, above all, to the pre-planned arrangement. We can make them in any style, color scheme and more.