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Wicket doors and sliding doors

In order to provide our customers with a wide range of interior design products, our offer also includes the possibility of custom-made wicket and sliding doors. Wicket doors and sliding doors are a special kind of door – it is a vertical surface, which allows to effectively separate space between two interiors or furniture. In order to produce them, many elements are necessary – the key elements are tracks, profiles, running elements and many others. Only the use of high-quality accessories makes it possible to create a high-quality structure, which can be used without problems for many years. When choosing the right sliding door, it is worth paying attention to many elements. Design is, of course, important, but even more important is the quality of the systems used. They must be of high quality and low failure rate. Only in this way will the entire structure be adequately protected.

When it comes to the design of sliding doors, they can take many different forms. Depending on the interior in which they will be placed, they can be made of board, wood but also supplemented with a large sheet of glass or mirror. In the latter version, they will be both decorative and functional, so they are a perfect complement to rooms such as wardrobes or bedrooms.

Why choose sliding and wicket doors?

Sliding and wicket doors are the perfect complement to both rooms and furniture. Due to the fact that they do not require right or left opening, they save valuable space. This version is perfect for small rooms, where traditional doors would prevent comfortable use of the interior.

Importantly, custom-made sliding and wicket doors can be tailored to your needs in terms of both size and design. This is a great advantage as not every doorway is of traditional size, so they can be used to separate rooms with small passageways. As already mentioned, these types of elements can also be matched in terms of design. They can resemble traditional wooden doors, but also more modern ones. An interesting version is a sliding door made of glass or with a mirror. This possibility is especially appreciated by people who value elegant and unique arrangements, for whom the final aesthetic effect and functionality are crucial.

Contrary to the fears of many, sliding and wicket doors are comfortable to use. Some people fear that their robust construction will hinder the smooth and light operation of the doors. Appropriate adjustment of systems and driving elements ensures that the weight of the leaf is transferred to the door and not to the user.